What is dual Signature? What is the purpose of dual signature in SET protocol?

Subject E-Commerce
NU Year Set: 3.(c) Marks: 4 Year: 2012

The purpose of the dual signature is to link two messages that are intended for two different recipients. In this case, the customer wants to send the order information (OI) to the merchant and the payment information (PI) to the bank. The merchant does not need to know the customer's credit card number, and the bank does not need to
know the details of the customer's order.

Secure Electronic Transaction or SET is a system which ensures security and integrity of electronic transactions done using credit cards in a scenario. SET is not some system that enables payment but it is a security protocol applied on those payments. It uses different encryption and hashing techniques to secure payments over internet done through credit cards. SET protocol was supported in development by major organizations like Visa, Mastercard, Microsoft which provided its Secure Transaction Technology (STT) and Netscape which provided technology of Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

SET protocol restricts revealing of credit card details to merchants thus keeping hackers and thieves at bay. SET protocol includes Certification Authorities for making use of standard Digital Certificates like X.509 Certificate.

Before discussing SET further, let’s see a general scenario of electronic transaction, which includes client, payment gateway, client financial institution, merchant and merchant financial institution.

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