Discuss briefly the 80286 protection mechanism?

Subject Microprocessor and Assembly Language
NU Year Set: 5.(a) Marks: 4 Year: 2009

1. It is 16 bit processor.
2. It has 24 bit address lines.
3. It can access 16 MB of physical memory.
4. It is available in various versions that run on 12.5 MHz, 10 MHz and 8 MHz clock frequencies.
5. 80286 is upwardly compatible with 8086 in terms of instruction set.
6. Memory management and concepts of virtual memory is introduced in 80286.
7. Intel’s 80286 is the first CPU to incorporate the integrated memory management unit.
8. The 80286 works in two operating modes, viz. real address mode and protected virtual address mode. In real address mode, the 80286 just acts as a fast 8086. All the memory management and protection mechanisms are disabled in this mode.
9. In the protected virtual address mode, the 80286 works with all of its memory management and protection capabilities with the advanced instruction in both the modes. 

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