What is ISO-OSI reference model? Why TCP/IP model is more popular than OSl model? Which layer OSl is used for

the following :-

  1. To route packets;
  2. To convert packet to frame;
  3. To detect and correct errors;
  4. To run services like DNS, FTP, Telnet etc.
Subject Computer Network
NU Year Set: 1.(c) Marks: 4 Year: 2017

ISO stands for International organization of Standardization. This is called a model for Open System Interconnection (OSI) and is commonly known as OSI model. The ISO-OSI model is a seven layer architecture. It defines seven layers or levels in a complete communication system.
Both models are equivalent. OSI is a reference model just used for study purpose and TCP/IP is an implemented model in every digital device nowadays. 
IN TCP/IP model some layers of OSI model is combined e.x application + presentation + session = Applicatilon/ process Layer 

Network layer is used to route packets 
Data Link Layer is responsible to convert packet to frame.
Application layer is responsible to run services DNS, FTP, Telenet etc.

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