Write the guideline for a good software design

Subject Software Engineering
NU Year Set: 3.(b) Marks: 3 Year: 2017

 In the design process the orientation moves from

–Customer to developer

–What to how

 Macro steps include:

1. Preliminary Design

– External design describes the real-world model

– Architectural design decomposes the requirement specification into software subsystems

2. Detailed Design

– Specify each subsystem

– Further decomposed subsystems, if necessary

Key Design Concepts and Principles Key design concepts and design principles include:

1. Decomposition

2. Abstraction and information hiding

3. Component modularity

4. Extensibility

5. Virtual machine architectures

6. Hierarchical relationships

7. Program families and subsets

Main goal of these concepts and principles is to:

1.Manage software system complexity

2. Improve software quality factors

3. Facilitate systematic reuse

4. Resolve common design challenges

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