Draw and explain a Use-ease diagram for an e-commerce system.

Subject Software Engineering
NU Year Set: 2.(d) Marks: 6 Year: 2017

Primary actor: Admin, User

Admin: User: wants to access the system as a valid user that is as an administrator, as an admin, as a user.


Organizations: wants to avoid those people who are not valid in the system.

Also, want to ensure the security.

Precondition: Users are registered in the system.

Post Conditions: Successful login for all registered users.

Main success scenario:

A user starts to login in.

User enters username and password.

System checks whether username and password type is valid or not.

If valid then starts a user session and give access permission.



If the username is invalid then system shows an error message that “Invalid user, Please re-enter correct username and password”.

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