List few areas of application of OOP technology.

Subject Object Oriented Programming
NU Year Set: 1.(b) Marks: 3 Year: 2015

List of a few areas of application of OOP technology


·         Now a days OOP is most popular technology among programmers.It is used in the area of designing of user interface windows of every software .

In above the design of textbox labels buttons etc are developed using Object Oriented Programming ,because it easy to co relate there working in the manner of Objects. So today all the software development is done in OOP .

·         Real time systems are much complex and contain many more objectives with complicated attributes and methods. So in real time systems OOP is useful because it can simplify a complex problem.We can create complex objects in OOP and can create there communication methods and can get the results .In the coming post we will create Real time objects and see there working  also.


·         Simulation and modelling applications can be created using OOP because in OOP we can handle real time objects and can generate there behavior  in simulation system also.


·         Object Oriented databases are good application of OOP ,in object oriented databases we can handle objects easily,object data can be processed easily.


·         There are other applications of OOP are:-

·         AI and expert systems 

·         Neural network 

·         Parallel programming

·         Decision Support Systems

·         CIM

·         CAD etc.

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