Difference between VPN & APN? 

Subject Network Security
Institute Ahsanullah Institute of Information and Communication Technology 2018
Description A network that uses the internet to transfer information using secure methods. It protects confidential information being sent over a public telecommunications network.
Internet connectivity VPN works over an existing public network, and only works if the user has another means of connecting to the Internet. An APN directly connects users to the Internet. It also allows connecting to the external network with which it is associated.
Link It may be possible to connect to a VPN from a mobile if it supports the action in the phone and if one knows the detail such as server name, account, and password. APN is a unique network that must be programmed into one’s cell phone before he can connect.
Designed VPNs are mainly designed for the transmission of confidential information. APNs are designed for the wireless provider.
Information Safety It is planned for the transmission of confidential information, such as email, over a public communication network. It determines a level of safety on the wireless provider. If one have a custom APN, he is responsible for configuring the level of safety.
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