What do you mean by primary storage device? How it differentiate with secondary storage device?

Subject Introduction to Computer System
NU Year Set: 3.(a) Marks: 2+5=7 Year: 2013

Primary storage, also known as main storage or memory, is the area in a computer in which data is stored for quick access by the computer's processor. The terms random access memory (RAM) and memory are often as synonyms for primary or main storage.

Difference between Primary storage and secondary storage

Primary Storage

Secondary Storage


Primary memory storages are temporary


secondary storage is permanent.

Primary memory is expensive and smaller


secondary memory is cheaper and larger

Primary memory is the main memory


Secondary memory can be external devices

Primary storage is a volatile memory which means data is lost as soon as the device loses power and it cannot be retained. Primary storage is commonly referred to as primary memory such as the RAM.

Secondary storage, commonly known as secondary memory, is a non-volatile memory which is able to retain data even if the device losespower.


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