What do you understand by interfacing? Describe the basic interfacing unit with proper diagram.

Subject Peripheral and Interfacing
NU Year Set: 1.(b) Marks: 5 Year: 2017

Microcontrollers communicate with the outside via peripheral devices. These are electronic components that reside in the memory space of the processor, and can, therefore, be accessed by any valid memory read/write operation. However, instead of simply behaving like memory, they are in fact connected electrically to more interesting devices, the INTERFACE the electronic world to the outside world.

We are going to consider a few of these devices, and how they are used -
            * Parallel Interface Adapter
            * Serial Interface Adapter
            * Parallel I/O
            * Typical ADC
            * Typical DAC
Peripheral Devices: The Input / output organization of computer depends upon the size of computer and the peripherals connected to it. The I/O Subsystem of the computer, provides an efficient mode of communication between the central system and the outside environment The most common input-output devices are:
i) Monitor
ii) Keyboard
iii) Mouse
iv) Printer
v) Magnetic tapes

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