Differentiate between volatile and non-volatile memory.

Subject Introduction to Computer System
NU Year Set: 3.(a) Marks: 4 Year: 2012

 Differentiate between volatile and non-volatile memory.

·         Volatile memory requires constant electricity or power supply to retain the information while non-volatile memory requires no electrical power to retain the information.


·         Volatile memory is used for temporary retention of sensitive data or retention of data with RAM. Non-volatile memory us used for long term retention of data such as files and folders.


·         Non-volatile storage exists in much larger capacities than volatile storage.


·         Non-volatile storage is easy to share with others as compared to the volatile storage.


·         It is easy to make the backup of the non-volatile memory as compared to the non-volatile memory.


·         Volatile memory is faster as compared to non-volatile memory.


·         Non-volatile memory affects the storage capacity of the system only while volatile memory affects the system performance only.


·         Volatile memory is capable of reading as well as writing through its memory while non-volatile memory is capable of reading and can’t write through it.


·         Volatile memory is used as a primary medium of storage to access the system files quickly. Non-volatile memory is typically used for the tasks of secondary storage or long term persistent storage.


·         As compared to the non-volatile memory, volatile memory is suitable for protecting sensitive information as it becomes unavailable once the system shut down.

·         Volatile memory costs less and delivers higher performance as compared to the non-volatile memory.


·         The nonvolatile memory has worse write endurance as compared to the volatile memory.


·         Nonvolatile memory can store data for a longer period and then carried anywhere while the volatile memory is not designed for that purpose.


·         Volatile memory can be read from and written to by the processor and other devices. Non-volatile contain a small startup program BIOS which is used to boot the computer.


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