List the different types of printers.Explain advantages and disadvantages of laser and thermal printers

Subject Introduction to Computer System
NU Year Set: 4.(c) Marks: 5 Year: 2010

There are two types of printer

1.      Impact Printer

2.      Non Impact Printer

Impact Printer:

Ø  Dot-Matrix Printers

Ø  Daisy-wheel printers

Ø  Line printers

Ø  Drum printer

Ø  Chain printers

Ø  Band printers

  Non-impact printers

Ø  Ink-jet printers

Ø  Laser printers


Advantages of Laser printer

The most important factor in favor of laser printers is probably the speed. These printers are and remain faster than inkjet printers. Companies with many print jobs will unquestionably opt for a laser printer. A further advantage is that replacing the toner in this printer is normally cheaper than replacing cartridges for inkjet printers. The laser technology also ensures that the printed material is less likely to run than when printed on an inkjet printer.

Disadvantage of laser printer

However, there are also disadvantages to laser printers. The price is a fair bit higher, especially when it comes to color printers. Moreover, an inkjet printer in some cases offers more possibilities than a laser printer. The conclusion is that it is always important to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of both printer systems. A company will often go for a mixed solution: a few laser printers and also a few inkjet printers. That way everyone is happy.

Advantage of thermal printers:

o    No issues with ribbons wrinkling when printing

o    Less physical inventory to store

o    Eliminates issue of ordering/using wrong label and ribbon sizes

o    Direct Thermal Printers don’t need capacity for ribbons so they are more compact

Disadvantage of thermal printers:

o    Labels cannot withstand long exposure to sunlight or extreme heat. Leave a gas station receipt on your dashboard and you will see it fade from the exposure. These receipts use similar direct thermal technology.

o    Even without sun exposure, the labels will fade over long periods of time. For labeling boxes kept in inventory for years, direct thermal is not the best choice.

o    Print speeds tend be slower.

o    Depending on the market environment, direct thermal labels can cost a little more than thermal transfer labels with ribbons.

o    Putting acrylic adhesive tape over a direct thermal label will cause the label to fade.


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