Write down usage of MS-word and MS-excel software packages

Subject Introduction to Computer System
NU Year Set: 3.(d) Marks: 6 Year: 2010

Microsoft word is word processing software you can after buying complete packages of Microsoft Office suite. 

Usage of MS WORD software packages:

1. Business and workplace use of Microsoft Word: – You can create all types of official documents in Microsoft Word. You can use template function in Microsoft to download letterhead sample, bills, and cash memo, joining letter, receipts, letterhead and all various types of accounts management related work.

You can send an email by using mail merge that helps you to send one document to thousands of people with name and address.

The use of Microsoft Word in official works is really easy and productive other than any other word processing software. After installing and working on MS word you don’t need to find anything on the search engine. It’s because if you don’t know something, you can even search inside the Microsoft Word when it’s connected to the internet.

2. MS word uses in Education: – Microsoft word is best teaching tools for teachers. You can create lecture script by using text, word art, shapes, colors, and images. That will explore creativity in students. They will watch slide or printed document more interestingly.

Other than that you can type and edit question paper in Microsoft Word. You can write application, letter that is helpful in the certain situation. Microsoft Word is used to create various educational materials. It’s helpful to create error-free documents.

3. Home based uses of Microsoft Word: – You can create a birthday card, invitation card in Microsoft Word by using pre-defined templates or using insert menu and format menus functions. You can also type a letter to municipal party on MS-Word.

Microsoft word is like a diary for personal use, in which you can write your day to day actives. Such as you can type and print the shopping list in the paper.

4. Microsoft Word helps you to get a job: – Microsoft Office basic knowledge can play a big role to get you a job. As you learned above business and commercial uses of Microsoft Word. It means the basic and advanced knowledge of MS Word can help you to get a job. And its’ great skills that you can highlight in your resume.

5. Help to create resumes, notes, and assignments: – You can create notes and assignment on MS-word. It’s easy to write and format text in Microsoft word by using various text formatting options such as paragraph, fonts, styles etc. You can insert a cover page, you can insert watermark and tables in your assignment according to your choice.

6. You can create books, articles, and newsletters: – Microsoft word is used by millions of people around the world for document writing since its launch. And writing book on Microsoft Word is really easy. There are lots of features and function that can help you to create and print a book.

A book needs a cover page, content, head and footers, image adjustments, text alignment and text highlighter etc. All these features are available in Microsoft Word.

Also, you can create e-books or pdf documents by just need to save your document in .pdf. This is an option you can find in the file menu after that change the save type from .docx to .pdf and it will create an ebook or notes files for you. But save an original copy of Word file in .docx, before saving in .pdf format.

7. Used to create edit, transcribe, and convert PDF documents: – You can create and edit PDF document in Microsoft word. You can also transcribe the video into a word file. You can copy and edit pre-written books.

Microsoft word is used by data entry operators, assistant and typist more often to enter and format text in a word file. You can also use Microsoft word to translate a document from English to Hindi and Italian to English. But to type in Hindi, You need Hindi fonts such as Kundli, Agra etc.

MS Excel provides security to your files so that no one else can see your files or ruin them.

Usage of MS Excel Software packages:

Excel tools make your work easier

There are so many tools of MS Excel that make your work extremely easy and save your time as well. There are wonderful tools for sorting, filtering and searching which all the more make you work easy. If you will combine these tools with tables, pivot tables etc. then you will be able to finish your work in much less time. Multiple elements can be searched easily from large amounts of data to help solve a lot of problems and questions.

Data recovery and spreadsheets

Another best use of MS Excel is that if your data gets lost then you can recover it without much inconvenience. Suppose, there is a businessman who has stored his important data in MS Excel and somehow it gets lost or the file gets damaged then he must not worry as with the new MS Excel XML format one can restore the lost or damaged file data.

The next important use is that there are spreadsheets in MS Excel which also makes your work easy and with the help of new Microsoft MS Excel XML format you can reduce the size of the spreadsheet and make things compact easily.

Mathematical formulas of MS Excel make things easier

Next best use of MS Excel is that it makes easy for you to solve complex mathematical problems in a much simpler way without much manual effort. There are so many formulas in MS Excel and by using these formulas you can implement lots of operations like finding sum, average, etc. on a large amount of data all at once. Therefore, people use MS Excel whenever they have to solve complex mathematical problems or they need to apply simple mathematical functions on tables containing larger data.


The chief use of MS Excel is that it provides security for excel files so people can keep their files safe. All the files of MS Excel can be kept password-protected through visual basic programming or directly within the excel file. People store their important data in the MS Excel so that they can keep their data in an organized way and save their time as well. Almost every person wants his files to be password protected so that no one is able to see them or ruin them so here MS Excel solves this problem very efficiently.

Online access

Another use of MS Excel is that it can be accessed online from anywhere and everywhere which means that you can access it from any device and from any location whenever you want. It provides the facility of working conveniently which means that if you don’t have laptops then you can use mobile and do your work easily without any problem. Therefore, due to the large amount of flexibility that MS Excel provides, people like to work on MS Excel so that they can comfortably work without worrying about their device or location.


8. You can start an offline/online business after learning the Microsoft word: – Now you know that there are so many uses of Microsoft Word and Office in our daily life. So, you can use Microsoft word to start the business. You can start your business online and offline. You need to create documents for official works. It’s like a data entry business. You can start freelancing to get Microsoft Word related works. You can sell documents on your own website. You can even buy a printer and provide notes for school students. Like a home based cyber café.

9. Collaborate with team members anytime and from anywhere: – You can use Microsoft word to collaborate with your team while working on the same project and document. For that, you need to use Microsoft word online. Microsoft word is now updated to cloud base application in which the cost of official works is reduced.


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