What do you mean by scanning devices? Write write down the function of POS machine.

Subject Introduction to Computer System
NU Year Set: 2.(d) Marks: 5 Year: 2010

An electronic device which scans artwork and illustrations and converts the images to digital form for manipulation, and incorporation into printed publications



Following are some of the functions that are only particular to the point of sales system;

1. Anytime access:

The retailers can anytime have access to the information related to the retail business. It could be about customers, inventory or the annual sales regardless, any information could be accessed from any part of the world.

2. Return policy:

With a point of sales system, the store can now manage returns if the customers want to give back the item for whatever reasons they don’t want anymore. It is a hassle free process with a point of sale software, as it could record returns, remove items from sales transactions and add the put the product’s number back in the inventory; all in a matter of minutes.

3. Online Shop:

The point of Sale System has actually made it possible for retailers to run a successful business out of the brick and mortar shop, and also to make it run simultaneously. A purchase made from the web or physically, a point of sales system won’t miss a detail and everything goes in the database without any hassle.

4. Business growth:

A business grows when it could keep its old customers loyal and continue to gain the attention of the plethora of new customers. The point of sales system makes it possible for a business to keep information on all customers and contact them or reach out to them for marketing. The POS software also allows the retail business to offer various discount deals, gift cards and point rewarding system to their customers.

5. Quick checkout:

Nobody likes to stay in long lines at a store when they have more important things to do. The POS system performs its functions much quicker and within minutes, people are checking out with a smile on their face.

6. Stock control:

No human or hand till the machine has the ability to keep such an intensive and accurate eye on the inventory of the retail shop and to control it in such an effective manner. It reduces the chances of loss by a big margin. It also enables the retailers to understand the demands of their customers and through which they continue to provide what their customers want.

7. Accounts:

A retailer or a marketing expert cannot just whisk out the information out of nowhere to come up with new marketing strategies; for that, they need information which POS systems does well to keep. The point of sales system stores information about customer’s history in detail.

Any retailer can use these features and see their business grow right in front of their eyes; as long as they have the right system.

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