Classify and discuss different types of digital computer.


Subject Introduction to Computer System
NU Year Set: 1.(b) Marks: 7 Year: 2009


Classify and discuss different types of digital computer.

There are four types of digital computer:

a). Micro computers;

b). Mini computers;

c). Main frame computers;

d). Super computers;

Micro computer:

In which the various integrated circuits and elements of a computer are replaced by single integrated circuit called a “chip”. Examples are the IBM pc, Apple Macintoshes, Dell.

Their continuing and rapid technology development had a major effect on the whole computer industry over the past twenty century.

Mini computers:

Physically small computers compared with mainframes. They are used for special purpose or smaller scale general purpose work. Example are DEC’S, VAX, RANGE.

Mainframes computers:

Large general purpose computes with extensive processing, storage and input/ output capabilities. The market for these computers is dominated by IBM.

Super computers:

A large and very powerful mainframe computer is called a supercomputer. The Cray X-MP is an example of supercomputer. Such supercomputers are applied to the solution of very complex and sophisticated scientific problem and for national security purposes of some advance nations.


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