Define business system modeling. What does a business system engineering model accomplish?

Subject E-Commerce
NU Year Set: 6.(a) Marks: 1+3=4 Year: 2017

Systems modeling or system modeling is the interdisciplinary study of the use of models to conceptualize and construct systems in business and IT development. A common type of systems modeling is function modeling, with specific techniques such as the Functional Flow Block Diagram and IDEF0.

Every business has some sort of system that keeps information organized and the product or service flowing to the customer. While the mom-and-pop doughnut shop down the street might be structurally informal, a multi-building international corporation will require more of a plan.nnA Systems Engineer designs and implements large-scale systems. Examples might include systems that outline bank security, organize myriad military teams in the field, or initiate a massive project, such as the launch of a space shuttle.nnRegardless of the industry or the project, one thing you can count on is that, as a Systems Engineer, you’ll be working with various other people. That’s because while you’re the systems expert, you’ll need input from Materials Engineers, Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Architects, Project Managers, and employees.nnSpeaking of employees, that’s where your job as a Systems Engineer starts. You can’t design or improve upon a system if you don’t know what it’s used for. So you interview employees and management as well, watch the flow of work, and ask questions.nnWhat is the new system supposed to accomplish? How many people will use it? What limitations are there? What is the timeline and budget? The answers to these questions allow you to formulate a design.nnYou calculate all the material, delivery, employee, and other costs, organize the system’s flow, and visually present the information to the client. Following a few tweaks, the project obtains approval, then you oversee its implementation, testing, and repairs until the system is flawless.

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