Briefly describe different types of database system users.

Subject Database Management System
NU Year Set: 1.(c) Marks: 5 Year: 2012

This differentiation is made according to the interaction of users to the database. Database system is made to store information and provide an environment for retrieving information. There are four types of database users in DBMS we are going to discuss in this forum.

They interact with DBMS through DML (Data manipulation language) calls. And all these functions are performed by generating a request to the DBMS. If application programmers are not there then there will be no creativity in the whole team of Database.

End Users

End users are those who access the database from the terminal end. They use the developed applications and they don’t have any knowledge about the design and working of database. These are the second class of users and their main motto is just to get their task done. There are basically two types of end users that are discussed below.

  • Casual User

These users have great knowledge of query language. Casual users access data by entering different queries from the terminal end. They do not write programs but they can interact with the system by writing queries.

  • Naive

Any user who does not have any knowledge about database can be in this category. There task is to just use the developed application and get the desired results. For example: Clerical staff in any bank is a naïve user. They don’t have any DBMS knowledge but they still use the database and perform their given task.

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