What are the different categories of e-commerce? Examplify each category.

Subject E-Commerce
NU Year Set: 1.(b) Marks: 6 Year: 2017

There are 4 major categories of e-commerce:
B2C deals with businesses selling products or services to the general public. B2C is the first idea that comes to mind of the majority of people who think about e-commerce. This type of e-commerce allows making fast money without serious investments and creating a brand.
B2B deal with businesses serving each other. The best example of this category is manufactures which produce goods and sell them to wholesales which in their turn sell them to retailers. B2B is a complex and profitable type of e-commerce which still requires high capacity of an e-commerce platform. B2B businessmen sell thousands of goods and controll huge payments. If you will be dealing with B2B type, just choose the reliable software that will automate 99% of operations. One of my clients chose this platform to handle his huge operations.
C2B is not a very popular but still interesting type of e-commerce. It`s when a consumer posts his/her task or project online, and businesses compete to offer the best conditions.
C2C deals with selling products between consumers only. The best example is eBay where people buy and sell products through bidding. In many cases, businessmen strat from C2C and end with B2C.

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