What is firewall and what are its limitations? Why corporate house implement more than one firewall for security?

Subject Computer and Network Security
NU Year Set: 5.(a) Marks: 2+4=6 Year: 2017

Firewall Limitations. A firewall is a crucial component of securing your network and is designed to address the issues of data integrity or traffic authentication (via stateful packet inspection) and confidentiality of your internal network (via NAT). ...Firewalls cannot protect you from poor decisions.

Firewalls weakness/limitations

  1. Firewalls cannot protect against what has been authorized
  2. It cannot stop social engineering attacks or an unauthorized user intentionally using their access for unwanted purposes
  3. Firewalls cannot fix poor administrative practices or poorly designed security policies
  4. It cannot stop attacks if the traffic does not pass through them
  5. They are only as effective as the rules they are configured to enforce.

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